Posted by ptkawalec on 20/04/2019

Happy Easter!

Posted by ptkawalec on 18/03/2019

We ara the member of Deutscher Sprengverband!

Duetscher Sprengverband


From now on, Kawalec Consulting GmbH is the registered member of Deutscher Sprengverband E.V. Actually we are also in its Swiss equivalent for already almost a year. Looking forward to the annual meeting in April, where we will present O-Pitblast during a special Workshop. More info will follow soon.

Posted by ptkawalec on 31/12/2018

Happy New Year!

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Christmas Time

Posted by ptkawalec on 02/12/2018

All geared up!

Monday is a big day. First time since I started my freelancer career I will go for a long distance trip.

Over 24 thousand km – 60% of the earth circumference and estimated 37 hours in the air, just in two weeks! Three countries to visit on the way…

Not getting into details, I will visit two customers and participate in the The 5th China International Aggregates Conference as the guest of China Aggregates Association – CAA.

Excited and geared up, I will keep you updated during the trip!